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    Mutant Giant Spider Dog Prank

    I would cry


    that little dog is probably so confused like why is everyone running away please come back and pet me

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  • "'Who hurt you?' I asked her, there was a maimed animal in her ocean eyes. She used to be fierce, so fierce like fire, but now her flames had simmered down to coals, and barely any heat emanated from her soul. 'Or more simply', i continued, 'Who did you love?'"

    i ran into an old friend the other day and we chatted over coffee and I guess i couldn’t help myself. When i knew her, she was spring, but now she’s autumn; she’s different, fragile, she’ll disappear with the wind if i don’t help her.


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    • Person 1: Did u get the new U2 album??
    • Person 2: Yea
    • Person 1: Oh not U2
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    i always end up thinking about the economic damage in superhero movies

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    God is a DJ

    Sorry this was my immediate reaction to this picture

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    Forest Cottage, Hungary

    photo via carole

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